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Update on Scottish Joint Council (SJC) pay scales

Following the article in Voluntary Gateway recent newsletter we can provide this further update:

Scottish Joint Councils is still a functioning body and a new pay settlement was arrived at in October 2013.  Pay scales are attached.

What has changed is that the common pay groupings or bandings – General Grade 1 through AP to Principal Officers are no longer commonly agreed at a National Level.  Each of the 32 local authorities across Scotland have implemented their own locally agreed pay structures, predominantly based on the SJC spinal column points.

What should I do now?

  • You should still check your employment contract to see what is says. Individual staff salaries will still match to the relevant “Spinal Column Point” 3 to 73 but the AP1, 2, 3 grades no longer exist on a national basis.
  • You can choose to follow your new local authority pay scales but this may involve a change to staff contracts for which you will need to get agreement from each employee to do so.
  • You can carry out a full evaluation within your own organisation and adopt your own pay scales.

You should seek some legal advice to ensure that you are compliant with Employment Law.

13-11-14 SJC Annual Salary Scales 2013-15