Every Child and Young Person Matters

Every Child and Young Person Matters is a network of voluntary organisations providing services for children, young people and their families in Dundee. This structure represents Dundee Integrated Children’s Services (ICS) structure and ECYPM representation.

Integrated Children Services

Responsible for managing resources and directing Strategic Planning Groups with remit to plan, develop, deliver and commission services in line with agreed priorities & outcomes.

Children and Families Executive Board

Christine Lowden

Angie Macdonald

Peter Nield

GIRFEC Implementation Group



Pre-birth and Early Years

Kim McRae 


Primary Years


Secondary Years and Post School

Sarah Clark 

Derek Hart 

Tayside GIRFEC Group 

Steve Sweeney

Children and Young People at risk including Substance Misuse (CCPC)

Angie MacDonald


Looked After Children

Nicki Martin 

Stephen Clark

Children with Disabilities & Additional & Complex Support Needs

Trudy Doidge

Arianna Patterson


Every Child & Young Person Matters Network

Members Area Reps Group Strategy Group Child Protection Reference Group