Protecting People

Protecting people means being able to protect everyone, no matter what age, when they need it. This means children, adults and older people. The Dundee Child Care & Protection Committee, Adult Support and Protection Committee, Violence Against Women Partnership and Multi-agency Public Protection Arrangements are working together across Dundee to protect; children in need of care and protection, adults in need of support and protection, adults and children affected by domestic abuse and sexual violence, the general public.

Information & Guidance

Dundee Violence Against Women Partnership

Dundee Child Care & Protection Committee

Adult Support & Protection Committee in Dundee


A short  graphic animation to raise awareness of  Protecting People Communication and Awareness Group

The Protecting People Communication and Awareness Group commissioned a short (1.27) graphic animation with the intent to raise awareness for services and the public about what to do if they had concerns about a child or adult.

The animation can be accessed below, and the next step is to get it out onto plasma screens, social media and websites of as many services as possible across the city.

We would very much like your help in this, and for you to send these links on to anyone/anywhere else you are aware of, where this could be shown.

So please circulate this to your groups and any services you are in touch with.

It’s a long term awareness campaign and we’d like it to ‘loop’ alongside any other information on the screen, be posted regularly on your facebook page or Twitter, or be up front on your website, for the next year, after which we’ll evaluate how successful it’s been.

You can download the main graphic at:
There is a full HD copy and a smaller 720HD copy for any internal sharing. Download button appears when you click on one ( a downward arrow with a line underneath). Please do use the full HD copy for external/audience use.

After you have downloaded it, you can put it onto Powerpoint if required:

go to Powerpoint, click INSERT tab…

then there is an icon that says VIDEO (with a little video film picture)

pick your video you want to add (having already downloaded it)

to make it play automatically you have to – hightlight the picture

go to playback under “video tools” (on the tabs at the top)

and there’s a drop down box to either start ‘automatically’ or ‘on click’ (again on the tabs at the top)

choose ‘automatically’.


The graphic is also available on:

You Tube


for links from your websites, etc